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The Basics of Indexing for Memory Optimized Tables

As you have probably heard, SQL Server 2014 features a new In Memory OLTP engine, previously known as Heakton. One of the big features of In Memory OLTP is Memory Optimized Tables; tables which are entirely loaded into memory, rather

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Using Resource Governor to set MaxDOP for specific SQL Server jobs

I was recently reading a great post by Norman Chan about the use of maximum degree of parallelism, or MaxDOP, settings to decrease index rebuild times. Norman has some interesting information in his post and I suggest reading it. The

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Using Replication and Indexed Views to create a Reporting Server: Part 2

In my previous post, we looked at an overview of the two technologies we are combining to create a SQL Server reporting server: Indexed Views and Replication. As we saw, replication allows us to move our data from one server

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Using Replication and Indexed Views to create a Reporting Server: Part 1

Reports that require heavy aggregation and run often can become taxing on our database, and perform poorly. Who wants that? Requiring our system to aggregate the data each time it is requested costs us time, and as any DBA knows,

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Hello, and welcome to Zen and the Art of Database Administration. My name is Alex Barnes and I am a professional Database Administrator. Database administration can be daunting and, at times, overwhelming. My goal is to present useful information about

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